Ankur Mutreja

Light: Philosophy

Light: Philosophy by Ankur Mutreja
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For readers of:George Orwell, Mark Twain, Jules Verne
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About the Book

What is Philosophy? Is it the exclusive domain of those who dream in abstract? Or is it the manifestation of the struggle of those who practice in material? Does it originate in the minds of professors like a Ganges flowing out from the hair-locks of "Lord" Shiva? Or is it rustic and puerile, evolving into maturity through the experiences of common men. I started writing philosophy without actually knowing that I was writing one. To start with, it was an outlet to project my frustration in the form of writings. Pretty often, it carried abuses hurled at none in particular, but at the system through its agents. But I don’t know when those ramblings started getting matured into Philosophy and all puerility and abuses purified themselves on the way – a Ganges doesn’t become pure by its origin but by the treatment people give to it on its way. In my book “Writings @ Ankur Mutreja”, I included a section on my personal philosophy and thought nobody would be interested in reading it. But, fortunately, I have found some kind-hearted people, who have given me their valuable feedback. I am reproducing my philosophy below by selecting those topics which have received positive feedback, albeit without prejudice to the philosophy presented by me in “Writings @ Ankur Mutreja”.The book is divided into three chapters. First chapter, which I have christened as Philosophy | General, starts with my principles on Privacy. There is no comprehensive law on privacy in India; therefore, there are no established privacy principles either. I formulated certain principles for self-help, which seem to have found resonance with many; therefore, they are reproduced in the book. The other topics included in the chapter are New Age Journalism, Terrorism, Internet, Jurisprudence, and Globalization. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my philosophical ideas on politics have found audience. I am a completely non-political person in the sense I am not attached to any political party; however, I do have a liberal perspective on politics. In the second chapter, i.e. Philosophy | Politics, I have discussed varied topics like Lokpal, Elections, Violence, Capitalism, Anarchism, Cash Transfers, Maoists, and Gandhism, with a liberal perspective.Finally, in a chapter entitled Philosophy | Relationships, I have plunged into a controversial arena of man-woman relationship. Though I claim to be discussing philosophy of man-woman relationship, but I think I am at best representing men unless I get substantial endorsement from women – which unfortunately I haven’t got till now. Topics covered: Marriage, Love, Girlfriend, etc.

About the Author

Ankur Mutreja published his first book in the year 2015 entitled "Writings @ Ankur Mutreja" as a non-professional endeavour mainly comprising short essays. Soon he realized the book needed to be drawn into easily presentable forms for the less involved audience; so, he derived three more books from the same entitled "Sparks", "Flare", and "Light". These were his introduction to the world as a writer/essayist. But, of course, a writer is a thinker first, and a good thinker doesn't think in genres. Ankur Mutreja has not set up any countours to his writings. He just thinks and expresses. So, he pens poems while wriitng travelogues, as in "Kerala Hugged"; incorporates fiction in essays, as in "Claims on Privacy"; and amalgamate satire, critique, and philosophy, as in "Anti-National Humanist". But that shouldn't stop him from writing poetry and prose. So, do enjoy his book of poems entitled "Nine Poems" and the fairy tale of his love with nature in the travelogue-cum-romcom entitled "Annapurna Circuit Trek".

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