Arron McCurdy

For fans of:Adam Rubin, Charlotte K. Omillin, Vicki Lanksy

Arron holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario. He works and lives in North Vancouver, BC Canada with his wife and two beautiful daughters.

He is the co-owner of Crafty Canuck Inc., a small publishing company with a focus on developing fun and educational children books. A storyteller at heart, his love of creating stories began in middle school and perculated below the surface for years until he decided to co-author (with his wife Sarah), a children's book on friendship. This book, Louie the Lobster in What is a Friend?, re-kindled his love of storytelling and also provided the foundation for what is now Crafty Canuck.

Most of his time is now focused on developing and supporting the visions of Crafty's authors, including looking at ways to leverage mobile technology to enhance the interactive and educational aspect of creating and sharing stories.