Mediterranean Recipes

Mediterranean Recipes by BastianPenn
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nonfiction Cooking , Education
For readers of:Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck
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About the Book

When thinking of a Mediterranean diet, we cannot go away from fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes, whole grains and limit saturated fats. With a splash of olive oil and a glass of red wine we can bring this Mediterranean spirit to our homes, In this book I am presenting variations of recipes found around Mediterranean sea.

About the Author

My name is Bastian Penn and I am a founder of I Will Do It Club. Why IWDI?

It’s December 2015, I am 38 and I have been struggling to meet end to end for my whole life. Not long ago I decided to put a stop to it and start living my life.

I knew that I have to make a drastic change, if I want to escape from this rat race, so I decided to start educating myself and working on my personal development.

In my past 38 years I have gone through enormous transformation. Born in a poor family, with both parents alcoholics, I didn’t think I will ever have a chance to do something great. After my father’s death, back in 1989, I was the oldest man in the family and had to grow up really quickly. I somehow managed to finish high school and even tried my luck at several colleges. Now I am three-time dropout. But I did not let this to brand me.

I always were open-minded, I had no trouble learning and adjusting, so after my third attempt at university I decided to get a job.

And here is where my troubles began. Being uneducated money wise, I soon started living a life of a big spender, in some way compensating for the poor childhood. I had my place, my car, credit cards and DEBT. Which got bigger and bigger. At 23, I already owned a lot of money and had no choice to work and trade my time for money. Back then I was already trapped in a rat race.

15 years later, I am still working for the men, I managed to pay off most of my debts, but got alienated from my family and my loved ones.

Couple of months ago, I decided to put a stop to it and started reading books on self-improvement, personal growth and passive income.

This is where my idea of I Will Do It Club was born.

Imagination, willpower, determination and inspiration are the pillars of my personal development and I decided to share my experience with you, helping you to achieve your goals.

In these months I have gone through an unbelievable transformation. I managed to resolve my fears, my negative emotions, I got empowered, became positive for first time in my life and even though I do not have a financial freedom yet, I managed to create a passive income, a small one, but an important step towards my final goal, which is financial freedom.

I am driven with my passion to help others to achieve what I managed, and in the same breath I want to help others who are less fortunate than I am.

I Will Do It Club consists of:

Personal developmentPhilanthropyCoaching andFinancial Freedom To each of them I have dedicated special attention and will be publishing videos on a regular basis. I have enough energy, acquired material and determination to succeed. You are welcome to join me.

A coaching program will help you gain a confidence that I have and make you rethink your purpose in life.

You can pre-register here:

Whether you are looking for a personal development, financial freedom or a way to help people around you, I Will Do It Club is the right place to get the knowledge.

I recently recorded the video *a terrible, but nevertheless* which explains how I started working on my passive income and what I had to do to start earning money. You can see it on the link below.

It’s simple, effective and quick to learn.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, website or simply click on subscribe button on YouTube.

So, this is it. Be sure to follow me for updates and see you next time.

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