Ben Hourigan

My Generation’s Lament (No More Dreams #2)

My Generation’s Lament (No More Dreams #2) by Ben Hourigan
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fiction Children, Fiction
For readers of:Charles Bukowski, Milan Kundera, J. D. Salinger, Stephen Chbosky, Michel Houellebecq
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Print Length279
PublisherNameless Books
Publication Date2013
About the Book

I saw that everything going on was tied up in a knot that held this at its center–‘I’m not what I wanted to be.’

It’s been ten years since Joshua Rivers had his dream of the girl he believes he is supposed to marry, and she’s still nowhere in sight.

Now twenty-two, Joshua is stuck in a life markedly different from what he expected: he’s unhappy with his current girlfriend and struggling with his doctoral thesis, and making no headway toward becoming a novelist, as he believes he must to win over his dream girl. Worse, his long-time lover, the nymphomaniac artist Lilian Lau, has cut him off because she thinks he’s become dependent on her.

Little does Joshua know that by the end of the year he’ll have met his destined love at last, but for now he is mired in darkness. Global terrorism and the lead-up to the Second Iraq War have created a climate of fear and anger in the intellectual world, and Joshua himself begins to manifest the ugly face of radicalism.

Finally, two chance encounters will see him revisit his family’s secrets, and give him a reprieve from his loneliness that he knows he does not deserve.

My Generation’s Lament is the sequel to Kiss Me, Genius Boy, and the second volume in the No More Dreams trilogy.

About the Author

Ben Hourigan is an Australian novelist and editor who travels extensively in Asia. He is the founder of Hourigan & Co., a consultancy offering editing, publishing, and digital media services to self-published authors, organizations, and individuals.

Before establishing himself as a full-time writer and editor, he worked as an editor and publisher in the magazine industry and for a Sydney think tank. He has a BA in English and Asian studies from the University of Melbourne, and an MBA from the University of New England.

He currently lives in Bangkok.

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