Benjamin Miknis

Healthy Eating Made Simple and Sustainable

Healthy Eating Made Simple and Sustainable by Benjamin Miknis
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nonfiction Health
For readers of:Melissa Hartwig, Joel Fuhrman, JJ Smith
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Print Length58 Pages
Publication DateMay 16, 2016
About the Book

Healthy Eating Made Simple and Sustainable is just that. This book not only shows you how to eat healthy on a daily basis but will also show you what exact foods to eat, how much to eat at each meal, the benefits of eating healthy and much more! On top of showing you what to eat, it will show you how to maintain these eating habits for the rest of your life. The problem with other fad diets is that they're time-framed and after the diet ends, you're left in the dark with where to go next. By downloading the book, you'll also receive four bonus chapters that will cover how to eat healthy during the holidays, on vacation, at a restaurant, and also how to eat healthy on a budget.

About the Author

My name is Ben Miknis and I'm the creator and owner of Transparent Training. Transparent Training is a lifestyle fitness based company that is focused around making fitness simple and sustainable for you. I sort through all of the BS that is out there and tell exactly what you need to know and do to live a healthy life.

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