Tanya Peterson

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I’ve been blogging and learning about blogging since mid-2009. My interest in blogging began as I saw how other moms were using blogging as a way to earn income and be able to stay home with their kids. With my husband planning to go back to school full-time within the next couple of years, being able to earn an income from home will certainly make our transition to him doing that much easier!

As I learned more about blogging - and some mistakes to avoid - I started Blogelina to help other moms wanting to stay at home but still earn an income. Through Blogelina, I offer affordable classes, resources, and services that help moms be able to earn an income from home through blogging!

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, always coming up with ideas and ways to “be my own boss”. I love to share what I learn with others who, for whatever reason, also want to earn money outside of typical employment.