Bob Baker

The Empowered Artist (Excerpt)

The Empowered Artist (Excerpt) by Bob Baker
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nonfiction Arts, Self-Improvement
For readers of:Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Cameron, Steven Pressfield, Austin Kleon, Chris Guillebeau
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Print Length190 Pages
PublisherSpotlight Publications
Publication DateJune 2015
About the Book

For Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference with Their Creativity or Build a Career in the Arts …

‘The Artist’s Way’ meets ‘The War of Art’ for a new generation!

Could you use a kick in the pants to jump-start your creative calling? Or do you know someone who is gifted at their craft but too fearful or hesitant to pursue it? “The Empowered Artist” is a call to action for you to step into your greatness.

This book will give you a big dose of reality checks, empowering attitudes, shifting perspectives, powerful mindsets, and nitty-gritty details on the real work you need to do to make a difference (and make a living) with your talents and know-how.

The reason so many people struggle with creative ambitions is because they lack these rock-bottom principles. To truly thrive in the arts you must instill these big picture ideals into your creative DNA.

That’s what this book is: a transfusion of success principles for modern day artists.

Here’s a list of the five sections you’ll find in the full version of The Empowered Artist

  • The Foundation: Ten Guiding Principles You Should Internalize to Become an Empowered Artist
  • The Launching Pad: Essential Elements for Kicking Your Art Activities Into Overdrive
  • Creativity Career Killers: The Top Ten Misguided Notions That May Be Holding You Back
  • Supercharged Empowerment: Seven Secrets to Living a Fulfilling Life in the Arts
  • Turning Pro: The Essential Skills You Must Develop to Become a Self-Actualized Creative Entrepreneur

Each section features eight to ten short principles, and every one ends with a Call to Action – an affirmative step you can take to tell yourself (and the world) that you mean business, that you are here to make your creative mark.

This meaty excerpt contains 55 in-depth pages from the book.

The world needs you and the gifts that only you are uniquely qualified to deliver. We need you to live up to your potential, to shine your light, to step into your greatness.

That’s why I wrote this book.

I’m tired of creative people being treated like second-class citizens (by themselves and others), when the truth is … We are the ones who create the culture, innovation, and new ideas that humanity needs now more than ever.

To clarify, my motivation in writing this book isn’t just to make a few musicians, writers, and painters feel good about themselves. That’s thinking too small. My vision is to change the world!

Are you with me?


About the Author

Bob Baker helps musicians, authors and creative entrepreneurs use their talents and know-how to make a living and make a difference in the world!

He is a full-time author who has developed a successful niche writing and speaking about music marketing and self-promotion for songwriters, musicians, and bands. He served six terms as president of the St. Louis Publishers Association and is an advocate for the self-publishing movement.

Bob is the author of the highly acclaimed "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" (which appeared in the movie "The School of Rock," starring Jack Black). He also created the "Music Marketing 101" course, which ran for five years at Berklee Online, the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music in Boston.

CD Baby called him "The Godfather of Independent Music Marketing." According to the Salt Lake Tribune, "Bob Baker is one of the most widely recognized authorities on music marketing. A prolific writer, Baker is regarded as one of the industry's leaders in helping musicians leverage online web and marketing strategies to boost their careers."

He has appeared in the media on NPR's "Morning Edition" and in such publications as Electronic Musician, Music Connection, The Guardian, Canadian Musician, VIBE magazine, E! Online, and even The Onion!

Bob's other titles include "The Empowered Artist," "55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet," "Guerrilla Music Marketing Online," "Unleash the Artist Within," and more.

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