Kindred by Bradley C. Bridgens
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Pitticus Lore, Ted Dekker, Veronica Roth, Cassandra Clare
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About the Book

Emi DeLandry, is a telepath who can read the thoughts of everyone, while Phoenix Arington, an empath can sense and influence the emotions of others. They are two seemingly ordinary young people, who are destined to change the world. Through a series of events, they connect and inevitably fall in love and a spark is ignited that heightens their abilities. But there is an agency that wants to use their gifts for evil means. Will Emi and Phoenix be able to overcome their impending threat? And will their burgeoning love be able to withstand the challenging days that lie ahead?

About the Author

Bradley C. Bridgens is a budding young author who recently burst onto the literary scene with a fresh approach to writing that is both exciting and captivating! He wins readers with his colorful and expressive use of the English language. At the heart of the man is a desire to offer his audience an opportunity to be inspired, encouraged and empowered to live life extravagantly and pursue their dreams.

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