Brandon Chase

The Path of Freedom: Few find it. Fewer walk it. Be one of the few.

The Path of Freedom: Few find it. Fewer walk it. Be one of the few. by Brandon Chase
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Publication Date6/4/2014
About the Book

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The Path of Freedom was a private wrestling I had with the Lord long before it was an eBook.

I had observed something that “bothered” me – in my own testimony, and in years of ministry with and to Christians - that is: the lack of real understanding of and living in the Freedom we are supposed to have in Jesus.

I was a “Christian” half of my life – and had no concept of what being Free was. I have witnessed countless Brothers and Sisters taste this Freedom in some area of their life – only to seemingly fall out of it, return to old sin patterns, wrong belief, or other bondage. The fruit of Freedom is too often not there, or fleeting.

This eBook is the culmination of my wrestling with the Lord in asking the question, “Why?” and my understanding of what He showed me about Freedom – what It is, how It is entered in to, how It is remained in, how It is grown in, how It is Lived from – and why It matters.

You are not getting another “how to” book here. Rather, this is an unveiling of “what already is,” and what it means to “see” that reality, and Live from It.

This eBook will bless you if:

  • You wonder: what your purpose is? what the point of being a Christian is? what God “expects” of you?
  • Life is getting the best of you, and you are at the end of your rope.
  • You’ve been a “Christian” for a while, but the passion for the Lord is lacking – you feel like you are going through the motions.
  • You continue to struggle with habitual sins. You are depressed. You are fearful. You are doubtful.
  • Church and the Christian life feels empty and dead to you, and you wonder “There has to be more than this.”
  • You’ve ever questioned why so many “Christians” seem apathetic, or so easily fall back into a way of life that lacks Freedom, even after having experienced Christ on a “mountaintop.”
  • You struggle with faith or belief in God, and wonder “What is faith?”
  • You need a fresh wind of revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Selected Highlights Include:

  • My personal testimony
  • The Eternal Purpose of God
  • Identity in Christ
  • Heaven is not the same as The Kingdom of God
  • What opposes our realizing Freedom
  • How religion itself is a prison
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Fresh perspective on prayer, reading Scripture, fellowship and worship
  • Intimacy with God
  • What is the practical “key,” or secret to Freedom
  • How you can know you are one of the few, Living Free
About the Author

Brandon Chase is a baseball player at heart; a practicing Crossfitter, golfer, hooper and guitarist; fueled by meat, cappuccinos and chocolate. He writes about Life, Love and Church – and how Jesus is all of these - on his blog Zoe Perissos ( He is the author of the eBook The Path Of Freedom: Few find it. Fewer walk it. Be one of the few. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Marie, and has two daughters McKinley and Delaney. They live in Fort Worth, TX. You can connect with Brandon on Facebook ( or Twitter (@ZoePerissos).

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