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Sorrow by Brian Wortley
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Fiction, Dickens, Melville
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Print Length363 Pages
PublisherSelf Published
Publication Date5/22/2016
About the Book

Sorrow is a story of infectious sacrifice, unparalleled love of the dead, and redemption beyond all hope. Brady, perhaps the sole lover of zombie-kind, infects his body in order to enter the bowels of zombie society in a desperate attempt to rescue the corrupted soul of his wife. Unknown to Brady, a zombie king, having foreknowledge of Brady's arrival, corrupts Brady's mind upon entering the undead dominion. Helpless, Brady is twisted into the ranks of the living dead. Only through agonizing mental and physical torture is he able to regain his mind and rescue his beloved wife.

Once saved, Brady sets his pregnant wife and a band of faithful companions on a journey of hope across a crumbled America. During their trek, Brady's wife evolves into an entirely new creature tied less and less to the confines of time. Their journey pits them against zombies, satellites, nuclear weapons, chemical warfare, hunger, and finally the gathered army of an entire zombie continent bent on their destruction.

About the Author

Brian lives in colorful Colorado where he is inspired by the RockyMountains. He has regularly been writing fiction since he was a young teenager and considers the creation of settings and characters one of the closest things to true magic in the world. His genres have included fantasy, science fiction, drama, poetry and horror. Although he has finished a novel and is currently working on his second, short stories remain his favorite form of medium.

Brian enjoys reading the classics and aspires to the great works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Melville, Stevenson and Stoker.

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