Britt Malka

How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less...

How to Write 8 Articles in 2 Hours or Less... by Britt Malka
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About the Book

This book will teach you how to use speed to your advantage and get your work done in less time than you ever thought possible.This is the method I use myself to come up with 8 articles in 2 hours or less... And YOU can learn it too!

About the Author

Hi, my name is Britt Malka and I'm addicted to writing.

Ever since I was a small child, I've been writing. Big letters first with chalk on a blackboard. Later I got a plastic typewriter. And after a few joyful months learning touch-typing I got my first real typewriter. Manual. Not electric.

I write non-fiction that aims to help others with different tasks, like writing, selling and explaining stuff. And I write fiction because I love to tell some of the stories I come up with.

In my spare time I play World of Warcraft, mostly for the PvP (insiders will know), but making gold is fun, too.

I live in Israel with my husband, a somewhat overweight Siamese cat called Frostie and a talkative Shikoku puppy called Nefnef. Our son is living not far from us.

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