C. Sean McGee

Alex and The Gruff: Dawn of the Bully Hunter

Alex and The Gruff: Dawn of the Bully Hunter by C. Sean McGee
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fiction Fantasy, Humor
For readers of:chuck palahniuk, Alberta Camus, Philip K Dick, South Park
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Print Length222
PublisherCSM Publishing
Publication DateAugust 3, 2018
About the Book

With the help of a foul mouthed doll, a shy seven-year-old boy will overcome his greatest fears as he confronts a multiverse rife with bullies and monsters in a battle to find his inner voice.Like any well-mannered boy,

Alex is weak, timid, and unable to say no. At school he is picked on and teased, while outside of school, he is being hunted by child stealing monsters and deranged scientists, intent on reversing the irreversible arrow of time.

In a fable that unravels the threads of the multiverse, young Alex, along with his new best friend forever (a muscle flexing, foul mouthed bully hunter called The Gruff), will discover that the dearest and most impossible enemy is oneself; and in a final showdown, he will either save existence or he wiil save himself.

About the Author

I write weird books.

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