C. Sean McGee

Faraday's Cage

Faraday's Cage by C. Sean McGee
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fiction Humor, Science
For readers of:chuck palahniuk, Alberta Camus, Philip K Dick, South Park
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PublisherCSM Publishing
Publication Date24 December 2019
About the Book

Two neuroscientists – Graham (45); an overweight insomniac with hemorrhoids, and Isaac (27); a naïve and neurotic romanticizer of LOVE – are about to embark on groundbreaking research into near death experiences and maybe even proof of God; if, of course, their personal lives don’t explode by then.

All Graham really wants is to be some kind of hero to his children whereas Isaac is young and naïve, and hopelessly drunk on the idea of true love. The story follows the two scientists as their trial falls apart along with their personal lives. For Isaac, a string of strange and often hilarious sexual encounters will lead him towards the love of his life while Graham, on a quest to find courage, will find the only thing that ever really mattered – his family.

Faraday’s Cage explores the idiosyncrasies of marriage, casual sex, political correctness, consciousness, identity, and what it means to be happy being average

About the Author

I write weird books.

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