Candle Sampley

Ripple and the Dragon & Other Stories

Ripple and the Dragon & Other Stories by Candle Sampley
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Elizabeth George Speare, Frank Peretti, Robin Parrish, Mark Twain
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Print Length124
ISBNISBN-13: 978-1484019047
Publication Date2010
About the Book

Contents:Ripple and the Dragon/ The Crystal Flask/ The Minstrel Maid/ 'Tis For You/ The Doldrums Exitus/ Battlefield Hero/ The Singer and His Song/ The Watchman/

Follow the dramatic epic of a young boy who longs for the day when he will be able to wear his very own suit of armor and fight the great dragon -

A maiden held in slavery by a tyrant master, yet is loved by a man who is willing to risk everything for her freedom -

A rich man who desires to marry the princess and a hermit who teaches him a great lesson in love -

And more -

These are tales of strength, failure, redemption, responsibility, love and sacrifice - tales to inspire every heart toward truth.

About the Author

Before I was even old enough to fully understand how the ABC's could be strung together in various combinations to create words and sentences and paragraphs and pages, I sat myself down on a tiny stool at my mother's knee and told her a story. She wrote down my words in a blank book. That very short, childish tale sparked in me a love for letters. I came to appreciate the art of creating with words; giving life and meaning to letters. I continued to add to that blank book, little stories, little tales, fragments of new worlds, new peoples, new histories and futures.

Everyone loves a good story.

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