Christopher Mitchell

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Christopher was born in Houston, Texas on January 9th, 1979. For 20 years he changed people's lives physically through his own Personal Training & Nutritional Consulting business. Now, he changes people's lives all around the world through the books he writes.

His first book, "My 20 Most Powerful Weight Loss Secrets Of All Time" was written, edited, published, and sold on Amazon in less than 48 hours. Completing his first book in record time resulted in his second book, "Sell Your First Book", which teaches people exactly how they too can Write, Edit, Publish, and Sell their very first book on Amazon in 48 hours or less.

His third book, "The #1 How To Get Rich Book For Christian Men & Women" teaches Christians how to get rich through ancient Biblical Prosperity Laws.If you have a comment, question, or a personal testimonial to share, contact Christopher at his website: