Chantél Siegrid Thompson

The Sweet Guide to Finding your Dream Job

The Sweet Guide to Finding your Dream Job by Chantél Siegrid Thompson
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For readers of:Self- Help, Job Hunter's Bible, What Color is Your Parachute, HIRED! (Jeff Sheehan, Alfred M Smith), The 20-Minute Networking Meeting
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Print Length16 pages
Publication DateJune 1, 2017
About the Book

"Seek and ye shall find". It's a rare phenomenon for a dream job to fall in your lap, that's why 70% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs. But for those who do the work, they find immeasurable satisfaction and joy!

To build confidence, build competence. Nothing creates and undergirds a confident disposition like knowing you’re prepared for the challenge... Great confidence is rooted in great preparation. Only those who prepare for greatness can reasonably expect it. —Tom Morris from The Art of Achievement

About the Author

Chantél Siegrid Thompson is the founder of Sweet Job Spot and a 20 year career enthusiast. Frustrated with trying to find the right fit, Chantél found her calling to help others get out of the jobs of their nightmares and into the careers of their dreams.

Prior to founding Sweet Job Spot, Chantél has received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Boston College and has worked at such companies as Nine West, Columbia House and Ebay .

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