Chris Hampton

Edge Walker

Edge Walker by Chris Hampton
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Suzanne Collins, Cormac McCarthy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hugh Howey, Devon C. Ford
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Print Length70,670 words
PublisherChris Hampton
Publication DateJuly 4, 2016
About the Book

In Chris Hampton’s Edge Walker, the world changes overnight when agency officials release a deadly virus into the population. A thirteen-year-old boy finds himself alone with only a backpack, memories of his dead mother, and shaky survival skills learned from a mysterious grandfather. The boy barely escapes a city torn by chaos and killing. But his danger has just begun. Unsure of where to go, he will face his greatest tests yet: an unforgiving Southwest desert, man hunters, and his own inner turmoil.

About the Author

Chris Hampton has written two young adult novels: Cory’s in Goal (a coming-of-age soccer story published in 2014) and Edge Walker (an apocalyptic wilderness adventure, released July 4, 2016). Growing up in an Air Force family, Chris learned to be adaptable. Frequent moves around the U.S. opened him to the exploration of both urban and wild places. As a young adult, he worked gold mines, construction, heavy machinery, and tree trimming. Then, for twenty-three years, he taught high school English and coached soccer. Some of that time was spent in Kayenta, Arizona, among the Dine people who, Chris says, truly walk in beauty. When Chris and his wife, Ann, were introduced to Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker and Wilderness Survival School, they discovered new worlds of wonder and adventure. In recent years, he has helped run young men's initiation programs. Both Chris and Ann now spend much of their time taking and teaching classes, traveling, and writing about their experiences.

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