Chris A. Woods

The Compact Guide to Creating Multiple Streams of Income

The Compact Guide to Creating Multiple Streams of Income by Chris A. Woods
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About the Book

I assume you chose to read this book because you want to increase your income! This book is designed to help you find and recognize where your multiple streams are, to uncover talents and ideas that could produce a positive cash flow. It is not a how to make a million dollars in 10 days book; however, with diligence, applying these strategies will put you on the road to building Financial Freedom and creating a new business or businesses.

About the Author

Chris Woods is a serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, multi business owner, writer, author, music producer, audio engineer and business & life coach. Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA he knew early on he wanted to build a legacy not just for him and his family but those he came in contact with.

He and his beautiful wife (Ty) currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA where they started a highly successful nonprofit organization called Artportunity Knocks whose mission is to “Empower youth to make Positive and Smart choices while increasing opportunities in the Arts, education, community service and bridging cultures”.

Chris loves what he does by teaching and encouraging others to follow their passion until it becomes a reality. He is the founder and CEO of two other businesses, The Artrepreneurship Institute a creative solutions for education and professional development and Living Soul Music an indie record label.

His experience ranges from Real Estate Investing, Non-Profit Development, For-Profit Start-ups and Systems, Entertainment Management and ECommerce. His dedication and understanding in business development, branding and the value of human resources have led him to assisting other companies with restructuring their businesses forecast.

Currently him and his wife host an online show every Sunday night entitled “Love & Entrepreneurship”, where they share their insight and wisdom about business and relationships with a simple to follow method that showcase easy next steps. It's their life mission to reach millions of people within the areas of Love & Entrepreneurship in hopes that others will find their life purpose from Chris & Ty teachings.

He is also the founder of The Compact Guide book series, where this current book “The Compact Guide to Multiple Streams of Income resides.

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