Weird Wins (Podcast Series)

CJ Casciotta

Weird Wins (Podcast Series) by CJ Casciotta
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For readers of:Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin
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PublisherCJ Casciotta Productions Inc.
Publication DateOctober 15th, 2017
About the Book

Learn how Mr. Rogers found his weirdness, why Jim Henson gathered misfits, what Walt Disney wrote in his private manifesto and more. Throughout this 5-part premium podcast series, author and serial media maker, CJ Casciotta, walks you step by step through the journey of how weird ideas can change culture... specifically yours.

About the Author

CJ Casciotta (pronounced Cas·ee·ahta) is a writer, serial media maker, and author of the forthcoming book, Get Weird (Hachette, 2018).

CJ is passionate about helping people of all ages, shapes, and sizes discover and own their unique contribution to the world, in other words, what makes them weird. As a writer and communicator, he's traveled all over the world inspiring brands like Lululemon, The Salvation Army, and Charity:Water. As a media director and producer he's collaborated on projects with MGM Studios, The United Nations Foundation, and The Huffington Post. In addition, his ideas have been featured in publications like CBS Money Watch,, The Boston Globe, and RELEVANT Magazine.

A native New Yorker, he now lives in Nashville with is wife, Kelly, and daughter, Selah. He loves vinyl records, cigars, and drawing monsters when he should be paying attention.