C. M. B. Bell

Revezia Sampler

Revezia Sampler by C. M. B. Bell
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:David Stahler Jr., Neil Gaiman, Takatsu
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About the Book

Revezia is an anachronistic planet. There are four major super-continents available with varying degrees of technology, different government types, and some have magic. In this world, there are many stories of heroes and villains all over the planet as they live in this mystical patchwork of a world. This sampler contains the first chapters of the first four books in the series: Terminal Rescue, Shattered Crowns, Praxis of the Disenchanted, and Tales from the Mage Colony. These books will be released on 10/26/18. Feel free to check out this sampler which contains snippets of tales involving a search party finding missing healers, evil princesses eliminating those they deem ugly, a pawn shop crew that goes on various missions, and some short stories involving magic-using criminals. The coalescence between seriousness/parody, satire/earnestness, beauty/ugliness, fantasy/reality all come into play throughout this series.Welcome to Revezia.

About the Author

C. M. B. Bell has written various microfiction and short stories on blogs, TaleHunt, and on the 7X20 online literary magazine. He writes numerous forms of fiction with traditional and experimental forms such as novels, novellas, novelettes, Twiction, and cell phone novels. Outside of fiction, C. M. B. Bell enjoys videography, reading, songwriting, avant-garde art, watching obscure movies, anime, and documentaries. Follow C. M. B. Bell on TaleHunt @tocsinchronicle.

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