C. M. B. Bell

Telestic Estoc

Telestic Estoc by C. M. B. Bell
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:David Stahler Jr., Neil Gaiman, Takatsu
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About the Book

On Earth Sigma 3, there's a massive conspiracy that involves the whole planet. Numerous factions of heroes, villains, and everyone in between have been caught up in this catastrophic plot whether they know it or not. Some want to stop others from achieving their goals while others want to add some firepower to their ambitions.This was originally a serial on TaleHunt, but is now in eBook form. Telestic Estoc also takes place in the Hollandus Landing universe AKA the Hollanduscosm.

About the Author

C. M. B. Bell has written various microfiction and short stories on blogs, TaleHunt, and on the 7X20 online literary magazine. He writes numerous forms of fiction with traditional and experimental forms such as novels, novellas, novelettes, Twiction, and cell phone novels. Outside of fiction, C. M. B. Bell enjoys videography, reading, songwriting, avant-garde art, watching obscure movies, anime, and documentaries. Follow C. M. B. Bell on TaleHunt @tocsinchronicle.

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