Colin Owen

For fans of:Sci-fi, Christianity, Romance, Humour, Short stories

I am a life-long musician, born in Liverpool in the late forties. This put me slap bang in the middle of the Mersey Beat era in the sixties. I learned to play guitar at age 11, and ‘did’ the cavern club at age 13. I had to bunk off school to do it! So, if you are one of those who bought a piece of the cavern stage, I walked on it!

By profession, I am a recording studio engineer. I have recorded several solo albums and hundreds for various artists over many decades. There was a time when music was my passion, that is no longer true, my passion is my Saviour, Jesus Christ, but music, and now, writing, are both major parts of my life.

I didn’t begin to write until my early fifties. The idea just popped into my head one day, and try as I might, I couldn’t ignore it. I just had to write. I thought, if I write something, I'll get it out of my system. Well, that didn’t work! I got the bug and spent the next few years writing every day. I did have a break from it for a while, but it was never far away. Recently it has returned and I am writing again.

To date I have published: 4 Novels, 3 childrens' books, 1 novella, 1 Christian doctrine book and 3 books each with 30 short stories.

I have 1 book awaiting publishing.

I live in a beautiful part of England, famous for its hills and Spring water. I am single, and no longer young, but life is good, because God is good.

My sincerest best wishes to all who read this Bio.