Theo Compernolle

For fans of:Daniel Kahneman, David Allen, Oliver Sacks, Stephen R. Covey, Spencer Johnson

Prof Dr Theo Compernolle MD. PhD.

Adjunct professor at the CEDEP European Centre for Executive Development.

Independent international consultant, executive (team)coach, trainer and key-note speaker.

He teaches and coaches in Dutch, English and French, in the executive programs of business schools like INSEAD in France and TIAS in the Netherlands and in a wide range of (multi)national companies, professional services firms and training institutions in many different countries.

As a medical doctor, neuro-psychiatrist, psychotherapist and business consultant, Theo studies research from very different fields including medicine, biology, psychology, neurology, physiology and management. His clients often call his input “Science made simple and useful”.

He has published several non-fiction books and more than a hundred scientific articles. Three of his books ao. "STRESS: FRIEND AND FOE" became bestsellers and 24 year long-sellers. He just finished his latest book “'BRAINCHAINS. Discover your brain to unleash your performance in a hyperconnected multitasking world.”

He has held the positions of Suez Chair in Leadership and Personal Development at the Solvay Business School, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD, visiting professor at several business schools and Professor at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Theo gained a Ph.D. with his research into stress from the University of Amsterdam. He is certified as a medical specialist in neuropsychiatry and psychotherapy. He trained at the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden and Pennsylvania where he was a fellow. He graduated as a Medical Doctor from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).