Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety

Corine Toren

Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety by Corine Toren
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nonfiction Biographies, Parenting
For readers of:Dan Rykart, Jenny Lawson, Daniel Smith
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About the Book

Ever wonder what's really going on inside your child's mind? Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety gives parents a glimpse of what it's like to be a child struggling with anxiety. The book includes the author's personal narrative as a child who grew up with anxiety, while also offering advice for parents about what to do during their children's toughest and most anxiety-driven moments. What makes Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety truly unique is that it is a parenting book completely written in the point of view of a child.

About the Author

Corine Toren is a new author! She is extremely passionate about writing, and has been pursuing a writing career since she was very young. Corine hopes to write more books, screenplays for film and television, and maybe even a musical one day!

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Dear Mom & Dad, I Have Anxiety by Corine Toren
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