Dale Barr

For fans of:Rhonda Byrne, Tory Johnson, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gretchen Rubin

Dale Barr is a 20-year veteran of leading process and behavioral change initiatives in corporate America and is a survivor of the multisensory overload and consequent wellness burnout experienced by many business professionals. Dale’s passion for health and wellness began at a very young age, reinforced by her involvement in competitive gymnastics and a mother who used holistic health strategies long before doing so was trendy. After competing in and winning her first National Physique Committee (NPC) figure competition at the age of 40, and then contending with some of her own health challenges shortly after, Dale was inspired to use her passion to help others master the wellness mindset and reach their wellness goals. Upon earning certifications in health and wellness coaching, wellness and nutrition consulting, personal training, and herbalism, she founded Wellness Rehab, LLC – an online wellness coaching service that helps clients make sustainable lifestyle changes and find more balanced states of well-being.