Dan Thorpe

The 8 Step Beginner`s Guide To Being A Kick Ass Guitarist”

The 8 Step Beginner`s Guide To Being A Kick Ass Guitarist” by Dan Thorpe
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About the Book

Dan Thorpe of Guitar Domination teaches you how to get started on the guitar - the proper way.There are 8 essential steps that most guitarists don`t follow.

This hampers many players and increases frustration.Do you find that you are not making the progress on guitar that you would like?

If so, this book has the solution.

Find out the essential 8 steps to becoming the guitarist you dream about.It is time to start practicing the guitar the proper way.

There are many methods people use to learn the guitar but the truth is most guitarist don`t have a method at all.They just pick up their acoustic and strum a few chords or they sit and noodle about on their electric for hours on end. I know, I made those mistakes too when learning.

Now, after teaching 100`s of students and 10,000`s of hours of lessons taught I want to ensure you learn the guitar the better way.All 8 tips will help you on your journey to be the best guitarist you can be.

Some will surprise you, but ALL 8 steps are highly effective and are the result of me teaching 10,000`s hours of lessons and tweaking and perfecting my methods.

You will get the benefit of these. In the book you will learn some simple and easy to apply nuggets of information – things such as how to improve your strumming, improve your aural skills, exactly how to practice and what to practice.

All this and plenty more....

This is a short and right to the point book with zero filler. I wanted to make a quick and easy guide that you can apply right away.

The value of the content of the book is far more than the very low price as the information contained in it will potentially save you 100`s hours of time and frustration.The 8 Step Beginner`s Guide To Being A Kick Ass Guitarist is a fun read and will help your guitar playing...

I guarantee it.

Dan Thorpe

Guitar Domination

About the Author

Dan Thorpe is an RGT registered guitar tutor and has taught a huge variety of students ranging in skill from absolute beginners who have never played a guitar before, all the way to seasoned pros with 40 years of playing experience.

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