Dave Kusek

Music Business Strategies

Music Business Strategies by Dave Kusek
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For readers of:Brendan Burchard, Donald Passman, Jeff Walker, Seth Godin, Tony Robbins
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PublisherCowboy Ventures, Inc.
Publication DateAugust 2014
About the Book

Run your music business like a startup.

This is the best time in the history of the music industry to be a musician. Not convinced?

With so many musicians struggling to get by it’s hard to believe, but with a shift in focus and some creative strategy you can be very successful. For the first time, musicians can build their own career, their own way, just like entrepreneurs by hacking the business. Musicians are no longer the product of record labels. You are the CEO of your own company!

This book will show you how to turn your music career into a business that you can nurture and enjoy. Dave Kusek, who co-wrote The Future of Music book and started a new era of music education with Berklee Online, brings his 20+ years of experience with indie musicians to help you build a successful career in the music business of today.

Get an easy to understand overview of touring, distribution, sponsorships and publishing while also learning actionable strategies used by many successful indie musicians.

- Develop goals and a path to get there.

- Learn proven ways to promote your music.

- Learn how to engage directly with your fans.

- Get more gigs, get more people to your shows, and tour in new cities.

- Record and release your music without a record label.

- Understand music copyrights / the foundation of your music career.

- Incorporate music publishing and licensing into your strategy.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Dave Kusek and the founder of New Artist Model.

I've have taught music business and music management to tens of thousands of musicians from around the world through my books, live events and online classes. I've had the honor of helping millions of people live their dreams in music.

I co-wrote the The Future of Music book which has sold over 50,000 copies and am a regular music blogger. In that book we predicted the iPhone, Siri and Spotify.

I helped to get the MIDI standard started long ago and was a pioneer of digital music at Passport Music Software where we helped hundreds of thousands of musicians create music. I was also the co-creator of Synare electronic drums and developed one of the first digital sequencers.

I have always been an advocate for independent musicians and my contributions have helped make it possible for you to do what you do today in music production, business and independent music marketing.

As the founder and former CEO of Berkleemusic, the world's largest music school, I have helped teach tens of thousands of students around the world and created hundreds of online music courses. At Berklee College of Music, we won the award for the Best Online Course eight years in a row.

I taught music business at Berklee for 14 years and have worked with tens of thousands of musicians to help shape their careers.I've worked with artists, songwriters, performers, promoters, managers, label people, publishers, booking agents, and A&R reps.

I love the music business and think this is a great time to be a musician. I hope that you will join me and check out the New Artist Model.


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