David Croydon

The Unprincipled

The Unprincipled by David Croydon
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nonfiction Business, Humor
For readers of:Business memoirs, Richard Harrison, Alan Sugar, Clive James, Richard Branson
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Print Length320 pages
PublisherHilltop Publishing
Publication DateJune 2012
About the Book

When I started, or at least co-founded, a small sales promotion agency called Marketing Principles in Oxford 20 years ago, I had no idea about the dramas that would ensue, or the mixture of fun and games and pain and heartache that could be telescoped into 12 short years.

I needed to get a lot of this off my chest for cathartic and purely selfish reasons, but in doing so, and in my current role as small business advisor/coach/mentor/NEC, I realised along the way that the lessons learned might be instructive as well as just entertaining, which is where it originally started.

The title is taken from the scurrilous in-house ‘newsletter’ our creative department took to compiling a couple of time a year, to debunk any of our employees who… oh, just anyone who worked for us (including me).

We begin the journey in 1985. The key protagonists (at the beginning) all have gainful employment at another local agency, and on the face of it should be content with their lot. But then this thing called ambition comes knocking, and a 12-year roller coaster ride begins.

For more information on my description of a small-business start-up through growth and contraction, to eventual trade sale, visit The Unprincipled where you can also order the book via PayPal, if the spirit moves you.

Described by one reader as part memoir, part business handbook, part comic novel, it will, I believe, strike a chord with anyone who has ever run or been part of a small business, and will certainly be useful to anyone who aspires to do so.

About the Author

For 15 years David worked in marketing departments of various corporations and international companies, in support of direct sales forces. For the next 5 years, he moved to the agency side of the fence and worked in sales promotion/direct marketing/ advertising; then set up his own ‘through-the-line’ consultancy in Oxford, which he ran for 13 years, before selling out to an American multi-national. As an agency head, he necessarily has in-depth experience of most business sectors, both FMCG and B2B.

His marketing experience is overlaid with general management experience, having founded and grown a small consultancy business from scratch to a £6million turnover with 40 employees. The Unprincipled is his unvarnished account of the roller coaster ride that was his 12-year business in marketing services - Marketing Principles (www.theunprincipled.com)

He is currently working as an independent coach/mentor/advisor in the small/medium-size business sector, specialising in helping the MD/Owners of a wide variety of businesses in very different market sectors to grow and improve their businesses’ performance and profitability.

He works with business owners to help them achieve their personal and business goals, generally in one of three distinct areas: general growth strategies and plans; franchising as a specific means of achieving rapid business growth; and exit strategies.

He also works as a marketing specialist – de facto marketing manager – for some clients, developing marketing plans and strategies, and more importantly implementing them. As a marketing services business owner, he knows how to get things done as well as what needs to be done.

His strong belief is that the principles of marketing and business management remain the same, no matter what the product or market sector (his business was called Marketing Principles, and his book, “The Unprincipled” documents its roller-coaster 15-year history), though obviously his experience of the service sector gives him a particular edge there.

He is a strong team player (a zillion years ago, he played rugby football for Saracens for 10 years, and believe he still holds their all-time points-scoring record.)

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