David D. Fitzgerald

For fans of:Historical Fiction, Diana Gabaldon, Dan Brown, Petra Durst-Benning, Helen Bryan

David Donald Fitzgerald was born on October 13th, 1967 on a Friday. Friday the 13th is famous in history as the day that King Philip of France attacked and arrested the ruling core of the Knights Templar. It is now also famous for the day that one of the most creative fiction/fantasy/adventure authors was born. David started writing fiction when he was only thirteen but did not chose to publish any of his works until 2014. He has enjoyed a long musical career, recording five full-length albums and two EP's in various rock groups and has toured the world extensively. In January of 2013, he was inducted into the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “I would live in Europe if I had my choice. It's much easier to create stories when your surroundings have more epic history behind it.”-DF David Donald Fitzgerald is a 3rd generation Irishman in the United States, who's Great Grandparents on both his Father's and Mother's side immigrated in the early 1900's. They would struggle to overcome an ugly American prejudice against the Irish and Roman Catholicism, two characteristics that he is staunchly attached to. Besides writing books, he is an Officer in the Holy Order of the Knights of Columbus and also a contributing member of the Father Michael McGivney Guild. He also is member of the Association of Independent Authors and the Willamette Writers Association. He is a husband, father and grandfather. He prefers cats to dogs. He loves all forms of music but leans towards Heavy Metal. Favorite bands include; RUSH, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, The Northern Kings & Delain. In his spare time, he researches the written histories of the Julio-Claudian's, ancient Rome being a favorite subject of his. He also collects Roman coins. Besides fantasy and science fiction, he also is currently working on a period piece of fiction about Nazi Germany, a book titled “An Angel Behind Black Curtains” which he intends to release in 2014. He is also collaborating on a science fiction series with Seattle based author Edward Carl Barich.