David Ruybalid

By His Wounds

By His Wounds by David Ruybalid
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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:Brian Zahnd, N.T. Wright, Joshua Ryan Butler
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About the Book

I had a friend who has wrestled with faith and theology over the years write me, because of a conversation that he was having with some people around why Jesus died and what His death accomplished. I responded, and decided that I would publish what I wrote him and edit it into a resource to be used by him and others for discussion in the future.

I pray that this resource helps people think through some of the nuances around the atonement, avoid destructive and inaccurate ways to talk about God, help bring about deep conversations with individuals deconstructing their faith because of unhelpful ways that they have been brought up to view God, and allow the Holy Spirit to help renew our minds.

About the Author

David Ruybalid has been a driving force for the music industry in many different ways. He has performed, produced, mentored artists, and coached performing groups of all different genres and contexts.

He was raised in the church, but in his early twenties found himself willing to walk away from the Christian faith that he was raised in. Beginning to study the Christian faith deeper, he began to write in order to be able to work out his thoughts. After walking through both a trying intellectual and experiential journey with God, David's faith has been anchored deeper in Jesus. He is devoted to studying and teaching about scripture, Jesus, history, and the Christian faith.

David hopes to create safe environments for people who are wrestling with faith. Most of the people who find themselves drawn to his work are people who have been raised in Christianity, never felt safe to ask tough questions, and are seeking conversations that their community is not always willing to have. Many people in these moments of their journey feel alone. Many are scared to open up about their critiques, comments, questions, and complains about Christianity, for fear of being ostracized.

David is committed to writing in order to both help skeptics consider Christianity in fresh new ways, and to help devoted followers of Jesus grow deeper in the ways of Jesus.

He currently resides in Arizona with his family and is studying to become a priest in the Anglican Churches in North America. He has had articles published by Amity Coalition, Altarwork, and currently writes for davidruybalid.wordpress.com. David also runs a podcast with Zach Zienka (www.ZachZienka.com). He is a member of “The College Theology Society”, whose journal is published by Cambridge University Press twice a year.

Find out more at www.DavidRuybalid.com.

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