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CRE8TVE SUCCESS: Inspire Your Customers, Amplify Your Profits & Dominate Your Competition the RIGHT (Brained) WAY

CRE8TVE SUCCESS: Inspire Your Customers, Amplify Your Profits & Dominate Your Competition the RIGHT (Brained) WAY by David W Litwin
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For readers of:Daniel Pink, Malcolm Gladwell, Timothy Ferriss, Seth Godin, Neil Postman
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About the Book

Where could you take your business if you could inspire the referrals of your customers and unleash powerful ambassadors of your products or services into the world? What if you could write your own business success story in an age of marketplace uncertainty?

Doing so requires you to think beyond your products or services. Chances are that most everyone in your industry is selling similar offerings. So how do you gain the edge over your competition? Better yet, how do you produce more customers when sales and contracts are often determined by the lowest price? To be successful today, and to transcend the low-price mindset, you have to go deeper with your customers, because business, sales, and relationship approaches have radically shifted in the last forty years.

In CRE8TVE SUCCESS, author David Litwin details this shift in culture and in business. The shift is not political – it’s neurological. The Western world has moved from a left brain to a right brain centric society and commercial system. In a right brain society, creativity rules the day. The rote regurgitation of your products and services has given way to story and customer experience. No longer do logical thinkers corner the market on success. Their business tactics, which may have dominated less than twenty years ago, won’t work as effectively now. Your customers have evolved, whether they know it or not. To thrive in this new business world you need to think like an artist, like a storyteller, like a designer. Now, to achieve success and produce significance you need to think the RIGHT (brained) way.

Granted, artists, storytellers, musicians, and designers may not be the highest paid members of our society.

But they change HOW you view the world.

They have influenced your life and inspired your actions, both consciously and unconsciously. They are world creators, perception skewers. You will use their energies to create a new perception of your world of accounting, pharmaceutical sales, insurance, architecture, or any other vocational field. CRE8TVE SUCCESS will show that in today’s business it’s, “long live the creative thinkers.”

CRE8TVE SUCCESS focuses on three “operating energies” of right brain thinkers: Design, Story and Meaning, showing how addressing each of these energies will set your business apart and help you secure more market share. It provides practical and applicable ideas to create immediate and long-term positive transformation in your business, in your customers and in your own life. If you own your own business, or work in any independent capacity, CRE8TVE SUCCESS is a powerful tool to help you survive and thrive in today’s right brain society and create success and meaning for yourself, your business and the world.

About the Author

David Litwin is a designer, writer, and speaker who has spent the past decade exploring his faith in profound and revolutionary ways. David has spoken at numerous churches, seminars, and conferences. He is sought after for his understanding of media, culture, scriptural insight, and worldview analysis. David’s motto is “live inspired” and everyone he connects with leaves provoked, challenged, and impacted. He is married to his bride Cindy and they have two beautiful daughters.

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