D. C. Cowan

Book of Omni (Angelic Heroes Trilogy Volume 1)

Book of Omni (Angelic Heroes Trilogy Volume 1) by D. C. Cowan
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Octavia Butler, Seressia Glass, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer L. Armentrout, James Patterson
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Print Length339
PublisherBlack Rose Legend
Publication Date07/01/2014
About the Book

This is one of the first editions of the book before it was published. There's two editions of the book published under the title Book of Omni (Angelic Heroes Volume 1) (ASIN:B00F88WJY4) and under the name Fire of Life: Queen, Captain, Hero (Special Edition Angelic Heroes Trilogy Volume 1) (B00LEY7NHO).


Explore the twelve oceans of Gaia a faraway planet filled with mythical castles and creatures. The Book of Omni starts hundreds of years in the past during the Arcadian Revolution. Arcadia is a prosperous melting pot of cultures and merchants from all over Gaia. During this time, a Northern Tribe conquered Arcadia and many live in poverty including Omni and her father, a blacksmith.

Unlike the women of her time, Omni is a free-thinking, open-minded and pants-wearing girl who desires to explore the sea when she grows older. From rags to riches to seafarer, this tale journeys through the life of Omni, a girl with extraordinary powers. And she acquires these powers in the most extraordinary way.

Most Gaians, just as any human, only die once at the end of life. However, Omni isn’t like most Gaians. Each time she passes through the cycle from death to life she acquires ability over the object of her demise. By overcoming death a countless number of times, she becomes a vessel for the One and a mighty warrior against the invaders and the forces of evil.

The novel, Book of Omni, from the author D. C. Cowan is the first story in the Angelic Heroes Series. The second story, Child of Light, features a young girl chosen to be the beacon to fulfill an ancient prophecy and to thwart the evil brewing in contemporary Arcadia. The third story, Kingdom of Angels, finishes the trilogy a thousand years in the future. With an epic journey around the world, this tale reveals the truth of the mystical city hidden in the mountains said to be the dwelling place of the One on earth.

About the Author

D. C. Cowan is a collaborative mother-daughter team who is pleased to be one of few African American writers who write fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance novels starring minorities. Cowan, Sr. completed her first work thirty years ago entitled The Legend of the Black Rose. With a personal love of studying the spiritual world, Cowan, Jr. has written several books that delve into the relation of God, angels and humans. She wrote the Angelic Heroes Trilogy about minorities chosen to fulfill a prophecy and destined to become angels of life, love and truth in a dark world. Many of Cowan Jr.'s books depict strong female minorities as the lead characters including the Elemental Angels Series. She also plans to write paranormal romance her first novel being My Amoretto.

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