D. C. Cowan

My Amoretto (Guardian Angel ... Italian Style)

My Amoretto (Guardian Angel ... Italian Style) by D. C. Cowan
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fiction Fantasy, Romance
For readers of:Octavia Butler, Seressia Glass, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer L. Armentrout, James Patterson
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Print Length344
PublisherBlack Rose Legend
Publication Date07/14/2014
About the Book

“You are a beautiful young woman and a beautiful young woman does not walk alone in Rome.”

Isn’t it a dream of many beautiful women to walk the streets of Rome with a handsome man always by her side? To write her own love story in one of the world’s most romantic locations. My Amoretto is a comedic yet tragic love story that takes the reader on a vivid journey around one of the most beautiful countries in the world—Bella Italia! Galatea is a twenty-year-old junior in college. Despite being an attractive girl, she dresses really frumpy and has never had a serious boyfriend. Galatea studied abroad in Italy in order to discover the beauty of Roman art. However, she discovers her own beauty and flowers into a sexy woman or as the Italians say, a Bella!

During her journey, she will also realize the truth about who she is and find her soul mate. Who will steal her heart—an Italian man, an American student, or her angel? Galatea must overcome the challenges of life abroad, homesickness, and the . . . Camorra? After her father is kidnapped by them, she will travel across Europe guided by her angel and using clues to find him. While fleeing from them, she sees an extra angel near the Castel Sant’ Angelo—but is it her guardian angel?

Author Bio for back cover:

D. C. Cowan studied abroad in 2007. What if at the most challenging moments during her time abroad, she had a guardian angel to protect her? The story answers this question. Many true scenarios and real people she met during her life abroad in Italy give this novel an authentic feeling.

About the Author

D. C. Cowan is a collaborative mother-daughter team who is pleased to be one of few African American writers who write fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance novels starring minorities. Cowan, Sr. completed her first work thirty years ago entitled The Legend of the Black Rose. With a personal love of studying the spiritual world, Cowan, Jr. has written several books that delve into the relation of God, angels and humans. She wrote the Angelic Heroes Trilogy about minorities chosen to fulfill a prophecy and destined to become angels of life, love and truth in a dark world. Many of Cowan Jr.'s books depict strong female minorities as the lead characters including the Elemental Angels Series. She also plans to write paranormal romance her first novel being My Amoretto.

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