Patchwork People by D. B. Martin (also writing as Debrah Martin and Lily Stuart)
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fiction Suspense
For readers of:Audrey Niffenegger, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Donna Tartt, Gillian Flynn, Veronica Mars
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Print Length258 pages
PublisherI.M. Books
Publication Date29th September 2014
About the Book

Lawrence Juste is the perfect QC - with the not so perfect past. But with his meddling wife about to be laid to rest and his long term enemy silenced by the threat of exposure as her killer, the judge's mantle is almost round his shoulders. What could possibly go wrong for the brightest star of the courts?


A series of blackmail notes implicating him in murder – together with the ever-present threat of joining the murder victim if he doesn't pacify his blackmailer – keep Juste in suspense to the brink of desperation. No-one is what they appear to be, especially not him. And no sooner does he patch one hole in his fraying life than another appears. It seems it can only end one way; disaster – unless his dead wife can help...

Patchwork People is the 2nd book in the compelling Patchwork People trilogy series of murder, mystery and lethal relationships.

About the Author

Debrah Martin is a British author writing in a variety of genres.

Writing as D.B. Martin, the Patchwork series is a trilogy of suspense thrillers following Lawrence Juste, a British barrister, as his life unravels. The final book in the trilogy will be released in 2015, but a new series, starting with Iniquity will be following shortly afterwards.

Her literary fiction is written as Debrah Martin, with two novels to be released in 2015; Falling Awake tells the story of flame-haired Mary and the intriguing book she finds which can transports her to other worlds - or is it mere madness talking? In Thirty times Thirty, Henry finds he's immortal - almost; but every silver lining has a cloud ...

Or if If you're a fan of Veronica Mars, Nancy Drew, Janet Evanovich's books on Stephanie Plum or Meg Cabot's Size 12 books featuring Heather Wells and want more fly-on-the-wall teenage realism than fictional fantasy, check out her YA fiction. Featuring sixteen-year old protagonist, Lily, blazing the way forward in a flurry of teenage wit and sarcasm in 'Webs', the protagonist also becomes the author in this teen detective series penned under the name of Lily Stuart.

Information about all of her work can be found on and

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