Derek Morin

Shortcuts to Success and Happiness

Shortcuts to Success and Happiness by Derek Morin
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nonfiction Business, Technology
For readers of:Eric Ries, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Guillebeau, Yves Pigneur
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Publication Date5 November 2015
About the Book

The Secret & Time-Tested Handbook That Reveals What It Really Takes To Be Successful And Happy In Business And Life

For some people, this book offers a way to create a successful business.

For others, it talks about a concrete path to finding happiness by creating something that subtly changes many people's lives-- starting with theirs.

Shortcuts To Success And Happiness is The Entrepreneur's Guide To Building A Business That Thrives Based On Your Life's purpose.

Succeeding in entrepreneurship is not as hard as you might think - neither it's something just a few lucky people are destined to accomplish. Actually, success in business and happiness in life is a science. The principles, laws and steps to success and happiness could be as simple to learn and use as some keyboard shortcuts. And hundreds of entrepreneurs who followed these steps thrived and succeeded in business and life.

This Book Is A Must Have For You: *If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want to start a business that you love!*If you want to learn the universal steps that lead to success, retire at 40 (or EARLIER) and get rid of your boss!*If you have an idea for a successful business (maybe even a million dollar one!) and don't know how to make it a reality! Generally, it's a must read if you want to become a THRIVING entrepreneur without spending tons of money on hyped courses or losing your sanity on the way to the top.

Here Is A Short Preview Of What You Are Going To Learn in This Life-Changing Book: *The Exact Steps To Success You Need To Follow In Order To Start & Grow Your Business*How To Do That Following An Easy, Step-By Step Method Based On The Analogy Of Keyword Shorcuts (Ctrl-A to Z)*A Lean And Illustrated Approach Of An MBA Degree!*A Success System That Never Fails!*The Secrets, Keys & Laws of Success & Happiness In Business & Life!*Much, Much More Don't lose any more time...

Set yourself apart from the crowd and learn what it really takes to become successful WITHOUT the guesswork!

About the Author

Derek Morin is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary team. He is not a self-made billionaire entrepreneur, but he still succeeds to make a living from his passion: empowering other entrepreneurs. He launched a few small businesses. On a day-to-day basis, he spends time with his cats and runs a software company. His goal is to launch 1 MVP a month until one sticks.

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