D Grant Smith

Book Taster-DIY Musician's Radio Handbook: How To Growth Hack Your Fan Base & Build Stronger Networks Using Radio Promotion

Book Taster-DIY Musician's Radio Handbook: How To Growth Hack Your Fan Base & Build Stronger Networks Using Radio Promotion by D Grant Smith
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nonfiction Arts, Business
For readers of:Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Amanda Palmer
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Print Length56 pages (sampler); 154 pages in full version
PublisherClear Fork Publishing
Publication DateMay 3, 2016
About the Book

Get Radio Airplay The Right Way With The Taster For This Upcoming Book (First 4 Chapters Here)

Indie Radio Airplay is one of the best tools available for DIY, unsigned and indie musicians to grow their audience because your music is presented to targeted, supportive fans. Yet most DIY artists struggle to get radio airplay, contacting stations and hearing nothing. Or worse, they hire a radio promoter who takes their money but doesn't deliver any radio spins to show for it. This book reveals the truth behind effective radio promotion, and it's easier that you think.

The keys to growing your music through radio have to do with how you reach out to radio and what your ultimate purpose is. Real growth happens when you work to build something more than gaining a spin on a station. This book shows you the step-by-step process that has worked for the best DIY, indie and unsigned artists to gain the attention of music influencers for incredible growth.

In his debut book, Smith reveals the exact steps he took to get his radio show which started on a small station in West Texas to being heard across the US on indie and public radio stations, and building relationships with music industry professionals along the way. Learn the process so you can have even better results in getting your music showcased by great music curators to growth farm your audience.

This is a sampler of the full book. In this Noisetrade exclusive, read the first 4 chapters of the full book before it's released. The full book goes into more detail on the process of gaining radio airplay, getting your music in front of the right people, building a rock solid contact list and much more. It's available May 3rd. Pre-order now on the Buy Book in the margin.

About the Author

The Audience Growth Farmer, Smith is an award-winning radio personality, speaker, author and coach for individuals, creatives, and small businesses. Focusing on relationship building, his Growth Farming method is pervasive in his writings and media properties.

D Grant Smith is the syndicated host & creator of The Appetizer Radio Show, an indie music program showcasing great undiscovered music weekly on stations across the US and internationally since 2003. His work in radio, media, and music extends into areas of marketing and development for artists on an individual basis for audience growth, creating sustainable and supportive tribes of super fans for artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Outside of music Smith enjoys reading, craft beer, boxing and all things Batman. He lives in West Texas with two cats. Relationship building is what drives his pursuits in business and in life, which is what fuels his writing, media creation, and production.

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