For fans of:T. S. Eliot, Tim Powers, John Hodgman, Douglas Adams, G K Chesterton

No one really knows who Subjects With Objects author DKM is or what he does. He is a mystery even to himself. There are few photos of DKM in existence. There is only one known photo of him with a beard eating a sandwich. The reason that sounds funny is because beards don't eat sandwiches.

"Subjects With Objects" illustrator Jonathan Richter was born in 1972 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He attended the Otis Parsons Art Institute, and for the past 12 years has been operating an animation and art studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Often described by onlookers as a cross between Egon Schiele and Gomer Pyle, Jonathan produces animation in his studio and produces paintings and other small indiscretions in pubs, restaurants, and other public spaces. Jonathan lives in Nashville with his wife, Verónica and their three children.