Douglas Reid

The Buddha Technology

The Buddha Technology by Douglas Reid
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fiction Fantasy, Travel
For readers of:Barbara Kingsolver, Ursula K Leguin, J K Rowling
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Publication DateJune 15, 2014
About the Book

“This is a great coming of age book, where finding solutions to emotional baggage hits the realities of modern living. The characters are engaging ...” G. Macdonald

“I love it ... the characters have come to life … and your aim to educate on meditation and the peace that comes with accepting and living with your reality without blaming yourself came through.”M. Roxborough

These are just a couple of the readers who have enjoyed reading The Buddha Technology and have found it inspirational.

The novel follows a young man’s journey to find peace and a purpose to his life. Along the way, Tom experiences several kinds of suffering and loss. He grows through the process and emerges stronger and more focused.

The attempt to find a shortcut to enlightenment is brought into sharp focus by an exotic research project that Tom becomes a subject in.

The book offers no easy answers; but it will leave the reader more aware and more attuned to the power of the true self.


Tom Sanders, now a young adult, grew up in a dysfunctional family. Tom was uprooted at the age of 14 when his father, a brilliant but troubled professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, accepted a position at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

His father's drinking and bouts of rage led to Tom's decision to drop out of school and leave home. Tom was adjusting well to life on his own. He had entered into a relationship with the ambitious but insecure Sarah, was working as a waiter to support himself, and was attending a community college to complete his grade 12. This was all derailed when his parents were killed in a car accident.

Tom dealt with his problems by running. He ran every day to train for marathons, but he also ran to escape his problems, craving the runner’s high. With the insurance money he received after his parent’s death, he purchased a truck and camper and headed out on the road "for a few days - to clear his head". His girlfriend, who later announced her pregnancy, grew impatient with him, appropriated the money from their Tucson bank account and sued for support.

As Tom drove through the mystic wilderness of the deserts of Arizona, Nevada and Utah, he found a sense of peace and spirituality in places on his journey. However, still unable to deal with the situation back in Tucson, he continued north, ending up broke in an RV park on Vancouver Island. It was there that he became a part of an exotic research project that was to change his life.

The book The Buddha Technology deals with the clash of technology and spirituality. It follows the journey of a modern day Siddhartha, as he learns to deal with suffering and experiences a spiritual awakening..

About the Author

Douglas Reid lives on the west coast of Canada, in Abbotsford, British Columbia. His writing reflects his love of the Pacific Northwest, inspiration drawn from his travels in the American Southwest, and his passion for spirituality and alternative health practices. He has worked as a teacher, freelance writer, newsletter editor and an information officer. The Buddha Technology is his first published novel.

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