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Superfood Super You

Superfood Super You by Dr. Josh Axe
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About the Book

The statistics are stunning! 34% of Americans are obese and 32% are overweight. 32% of kids are overweight…. And 16% of American children are already obese! We don’t just need to lose weight to look good in a swimsuit, we need to lose weight to live and fulfill our God-given missions. Research shows that obesity doubles your risk of heart failure and triples the risk of breast cancer in women! By eating the right Superfoods, you won’t just lose the weight, but you’ll be changing your life, your legacy, and changing your world. Download Dr. Axe’s Superfood Super You and discover the nutrients that have been scientifically proven to help your body burn fat and lose weight.

About the Author

Dr. Axe is on a mission to transform the health of millions all across America. He teaches advanced nutrition strategies to healthy-minded people all over the U.S. to help them heal and transform their lives naturally.

In 2008 he founded Exodus Health Center and it quickly grew to one of the largest wellness clinics in the United States. He has authored 3 books, The Real Food Diet Cookbook, Superfood Super You, and most recently The Dr. Axe Detox. These books combine the power of advanced nutrition with recipes, superfoods and cleansing to help people reach their optimum level of health.

Dr. Axe has been a physician for many professional athletes. In 2009 he began working with the Wellness Advisory Council and the University of Michigan Swim Team. He worked with professional swimmers including Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay providing nutritional advice and musculoskeletal work on the athletes to increase their performance. He traveled to the 2012 Games in London to work with USA athletes.

As a syndicated radio show host and top rated podcast, The Dr. Axe Show offers life changing health solutions to callers, heard by thousands of people each week on the air and online.

Dr. Axe has created one of the top natural health websites in the world with over 350,000 loyal monthly subscribers, where the main topics include nutrition, fitness and healthy recipes. He's the founder of the bestselling fitness series called BurstFIT, an interval training program known for being one of the fastest and most effective ways to burn body-fat.

He has taught corporate wellness for companies such as Nissan, Whole Foods, Mercy Ministries, Lifeway and other nationally recognized churches and corporations. He earned his doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College, is a Clinical Nutritionist and earned his C.N.S. as a Certified Nutrition Specialist from the American College of Nutrition.

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