Zinovia Dushkova

The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution (Excerpt)

The Book of Secret Wisdom: The Prophetic Record of Human Destiny and Evolution (Excerpt) by Zinovia Dushkova
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For readers of:Religion & Spirituality, New Age, Esoterica, Prophecy, Theosophy
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PublisherRadiant Books
Publication DateOctober 12, 2015
About the Book

Hidden away for long millennia and accessible only to a few chosen ones, the oldest text of Tibetan origin uncovers what awaits humanity in The Book of Secret Wisdom.

The Book of Secret Wisdom includes a newly released excerpt from the million-year-old manuscript widely known as the Book of Dzyan. The book was originally written in Senzar, a Sanskrit-like language, and was translated by Dr. Zinovia Dushkova in 1995.

Far back in the 19th century, the Great Masters of Wisdom permitted Madame Blavatsky, the world-renowned figure of esoteric philosophy, to study the most ancient manuscripts secretly stored in Tibet. Her highly influential works based on those sacred texts have received praise from numerous prominent individuals including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and even Elvis Presley. In 1889 Helena Blavatsky stated: “During the last quarter of every hundred years an attempt is made by those ‘Masters,’ of whom I have spoken, to help on the spiritual progress of humanity in a marked and definite way.” Blavatsky, who has made accurate predictions in advance of many scientific discoveries, was correct once again.

A century later in 1995, the Masters of Wisdom allowed Dr. Zinovia Dushkova to translate twelve new stanzas from the mysterious Book of Dzyan. However, unlike the nineteen stanzas of Dzyan published in Blavatsky’s masterwork, The Secret Doctrine, the new excerpt is translated in simple and understandable language accessible to all readers interested in new age spirituality and conscious living.

The twelve stanzas included in The Book of Secret Wisdom embrace not only the past, but also the present and future of both humanity and Earth. Furthermore, this new material shines light on the development of the Solar System and the Universe as a whole. Thus, these stanzas, supplemented with exclusive material available in the book, enable the reader to find answers to questions such as:

  • • What is behind the processes currently affecting our planet, which manifest daily in anomalous weather, global warming, and natural disasters around the world?
  • • Why does it seem that more and more evil is appearing every day, manifesting itself through growing conflicts all over the world?
  • • What really happened in 1999 and 2012?
  • • What is the Great Event expected to occur in 2017, and how does it depend upon the collective will of humanity?
  • • What awaits humanity in the immediate future?
  • • Why does it seem that time is speeding up?
  • • What is the famous Philosopher’s Stone?
  • • Why people are dying, and is there a chance to be immortal?
  • • When will Armageddon happen?
  • • What is the mission of our planet and of every being in the Universe?

Dr. Dushkova encourages readers to examine the evidence presented and then listen to their own heart alone. She states, “When you feel the words which are voiced here in the depths of your own soul, you may listen to yourself and trust what is said.”

About the Author

Zinovia Vasilievna Dushkova, Ph.D., is a Russian author, poet, philosopher, historian, and traveller. She has been honoured with a number of awards, prizes, and commendations for her contribution to the spiritual development of society, and for excellence in the domain of scientific research into the ecology of consciousness. She is a Fellow of the European Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Scientific Society, both based in Hanover, Germany.

A seeker of ancient truths, Dr. Dushkova has always strived to find only one thing: Love. She has engaged in research in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America for more than twenty years, acquiring the secret wisdom underlying all known religions and philosophies. She has stayed at remote Buddhist monasteries and secret Abodes hidden in mountains, deserts, and caves in Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal, and India, as well as other countries, where sacred scrolls and ancient manuscripts have been preserved. These are the places where her predecessors in esoteric philosophy, Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich, obtained their own wisdom. As a result, since 1997, nearly forty works by Dr. Dushkova have been published in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and France.

These works are all of a spiritual nature, having been recorded during her travels in the Himalayas, the Karakorum, the Nilgiri, the Gobi Desert, the Pyrenees, and beyond. They reflect a neat synthesis of science, religion, history, and philosophy. Underlying Dr. Dushkova’s poetry and prose, her fairy tales and legends, is a worldview full of wisdom and the cultural heritage of both the East and the West.

Her works are often described as “books full of Light.” Readers are attracted to the unusual depth, yet simplicity, of the author’s thought, the life-affirming notes which characterize each volume, and the beauty, poetry, and musicality of her language. Dr. Dushkova’s books are distinct from many others in that Good, Light, and Love — in their highest manifestation — consistently characterize her writings.

In her creative work, Dr. Zinovia Dushkova continually strives to reignite hope where it has disappeared, illuminate Love where it has died away, and add delight to life where its meaning has been lost. And indeed, her readers’ reactions show clearly that these books help people to learn. While assisting them to change themselves for the better, they also help them find purpose and meaning in life through establishing solutions to the universal questions and answers that vex us all.

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