Ed Oyama

The Five Minute Dream

The Five Minute Dream by Ed Oyama
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Print Length18 pages
Publication Date2014
About the Book

"The Five Minute Dream" began as an experiment in the spring of 2014. Could five minutes of clarity on our dreams make a difference in our everyday lives? We put together a little hand-stapled pamphlet with some simple instructions. It began: "For five minutes, imagine how you want your life to be in five years." We handed it out to a group of students in the best university in Kyrgzystan that semester. We did it again this fall. The result?

  • Deeper motivation in the daily work/study grind.
  • Focus on the things that actually mattered to us.
  • More dreaming, more envisioning - and finding the first steps to make dreams into reality!

A half-year later, the experiment continues! To celebrate my thirty-third birthday, I'm putting it up for free on NoiseTrade. (odd fact: in China, you treat your friends to something special on your birthday - not the other way around like we do in the States!) So, I want to see what this can do for you. Give it a try. What could five minutes do for you?

About the Author

Ed is a young Californian, passionate about learning and leading, who was redirected to Central Asia about six years ago. He's an English, Russian, Kyrgyz, and Chinese-speaking Japanese American - who also speaks just enough Japanese to get sushi and miso soup at a restaurant, and not much more.

He is happily married to his wife, Becky.

Together, they run a conversational English club and stage open-air English courses in the park that draw close to a hundred people a summer. Recently, they've launched a university leadership club where they mentor a small circle of motivated students towards becoming great leaders.

Ed writes regularly at his personal blog, Live Lead Learn.

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