Enoch K. Enns

The Grand Attraction

The Grand Attraction by Enoch K. Enns
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:fiction, J.K. Rowling, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, C.S. Lewis
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Publication DateJune 29, 2015
About the Book

Join Carls Locke as he is thrown into a reality he has neither seen nor believed to be possible. Vacating to a grand mall of human totality, Carls finds himself victim--for man's greatest attraction is often his greatest illusion. Wishing so much to live in one while forced to endure the other, Carls must fight off the monsters seeking to overcome him, all while trying to keep his daughter safe.

About the Author

I grew up in Papua New Guinea in a mountain village surround my rivers and forests alike. I love to create my own stories as the world around offered more than enough inspiration. It was only a matter of time till the temptation of putting them to words was too great and I succumbed. Ever since we've been state-side, I have been writing. I finished my first book in 2011, only to storm through countless other beginnings until I finally published my first book, the Grand Attraction, in 2015. In 2017, I made my second publication: Fauldon's Dream and the Karier of the Task. I aim to release an untold number of tales I am yet discovering myself. While I am excited to share the Grand Series as it unveils, I am still blown away at how much depth and potential there is in a universe born to inspire.

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