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Apprentice by Eric Guindon
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson, Roger Zelazny, Patrick Rothfuss
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About the Book

What would it be like to be a wizard's apprentice?

This first novella in a series of three covers the first part of Benen's life as a wizard: his apprenticeship.

When a wizard visits Benen's village and chooses him for his apprentice, the boy's life is irrevocably changed. Unfortunately for Benen, his master is far from kind and often cruel. His education becomes a trial he must survive.

About the Author

Eric Guindon's parents were killed in front of him as a child. His life-long quest to avenge injustice lead him to make a bat-costume to wear while he fights crime. One look in the mirror made him decide to make his mark on the world by writing fantasy and science-fiction instead.

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