Eric Sanchez

For fans of:Francis Chan, Charles Spurgeon, Nabeel Qureshi, Sarah Young, Levi Lusko

Eric Sanchez lives in Southern California. When he was born his life was nearly lost—he suffered from a congenital heart defect that required open-heart surgery. He looks back at this as a young man with a sense of grace and purpose in determination. Had he been born in any other time in history he would not have survived. He still is in awe that God has chosen to preserve him and use him to spread the knowledge of Himself in this world. Every day his deepest yearning is that the name of his God might be magnified and that souls would be brought to life in it—by the power of the Holy Spirit. He has given his life to spreading the Gospel of Jesus to frontiers where the Name is not yet named. He prays that all would know the wonder and freeing truth of Christ. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from California State University, San Bernardino. He holds a graduate degree from the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at Biola University.