Elizabeth Rae Kovar

Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus

Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus  by Elizabeth Rae Kovar
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nonfiction Religion, Travel
For readers of:Jack Kerouac, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sarah McDonald
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Print Length498 pages
Publication Date10-14-15
About the Book

Finding Om is a travel memoir that looks into the mind and soul of 22-year old, Bowling Green State University college student, Elizabeth. In 2005, Elizabeth studied abroad in Australia, which ignited a fresh perspective on life. Australia, and the ocean, became her first love – a sacred place that rebirthed her soul and introduced her to yoga.

Emboldened by the South Pacific, Elizabeth returned to Ohio and fell ill from reverse culture shock. Her collegiate responsibilities, boyfriend issues and negative perspectives about Ohio spiraled out of control. Anxiety, stress, insomnia and panic attacks ruled her life. Stress triggered an unbalanced life, filled with addictions and mental despair, which disconnected Elizabeth from her soul. Elizabeth desired change and the need to re-identify herself with the world. She needed to find a way to travel abroad. Recipient of BGSU’s inaugural, Stuart R. Givens Fellowship, a grant to fund a student to “do anything in the world,” Elizabeth proposed to backpack and to study yoga in the world’s most hectic country, India, solo. In the summer 2007, Elizabeth left the US with three thousand dollars, one red backpack and a bagful of questions in search of enlightenment, acceptance and inner peace. Finding Om is a spiritual, and chaotic, journey through the highs and lows of India. Vivid and suspenseful, these are the tales of palm reader prophecies, the romances with a soul mate, the troubles of tour guide scams, the teachings from yoga gurus and the illuminating conversations had over a cup of chai. This is an intimate and true story of an intrepid young female on a quest to find compassion, adventure and a home in the world.

Finding Om is available as a print and ebook. Ebooks are sold on every major device. You can use this link to find direct links to ebook and print copies. http://elizabethkovar.com/books/

On NoiseTrade, you can download and read the first 3 chapters for free. The book starts in Australia, where my yoga journey really began. When connecting the dots, if I never went to Australia, I would have never made it to India.

About the Author

Elizabeth Kovar M.A. is an award-winning vegan fitness trainer, author of Finding Om and international freelance writer and fitness presenter for BOSU and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Elizabeth earned a title as one of 2014 Shape.com’s “Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America” and was the first recipient of the Stuart R. Givens Fellowship to study yoga in India. Kovar studied yoga in six different countries and lived abroad in Australia (twice), India and Germany. Elizabeth has published over one thousand print and online articles. Elizabeth is the creator of her vegan food and travel blog at: www.mindbodysoul-food.com and www.lemontreetravel.com. www.elizabethkovar.com

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