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Midrealm by Garrett Robinson
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:J.R.R. Tolkien, K.A. Applegate, Patrick Rothfuss, Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt
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Print Length544 pages
PublisherLiving Art Books
Publication DateJanuary 6, 2014
About the Book


Between Earth and Chaos, Six Children Battle For Our Survival

What if you and your friends went to another world every time you went to sleep? What if you spent half your life here, in our world, and the other half battling for mankind’s survival against foes too terrible to be real?

And what if you could never tell anyone?

This is the double life of the Realm Keepers: six ordinary kids thrust into a terrifying war in a universe called Midrealm - a universe that’s the only thing standing between our world and Chaos. Plucked from their ordinary lives and given extraordinary powers, they’re the only thing standing between us and an endless war that’s raged for millennia.

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About the Author

Garrett Robinson is an independent author and entrepeneur who embodies the spirit of the modern indie writer. Today’s up-and-coming authors don’t make a name for themselves in the hallowed halls of the traditional publishing industry, and they certainly don’t gain fandom by putting out a book every couple of years.

Garrett entered the self-publishing world with a bang, releasing his debut novel to thousands of downloads and numerous favorable reviews. Since then he’s been described as “one of the hardest-working guys out there” (Sean Platt, co-author of The Beam) prompting David W. Wright (co-author of Yesterday’s Gone) to say, “Mark my words, Garrett WILL be a name you know.”

After publishing his first work in December of 2012, Garrett has published more than twenty-five titles in 2013. While he writes mostly in science fiction and fantasy, Garrett has also delved into thrillers (Hit Girls) and has an upcoming literary fiction novel (Rebel Yell).

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