Gary P. Guthrie

Stuck in a Moment - 2,000 Quotes & Pieces of Wisdom

Stuck in a Moment - 2,000 Quotes & Pieces of Wisdom by Gary P. Guthrie
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For readers of:Marianne Williamson, Dr. Phil McGraw, Melody Beattie, Jason Harvey, Don Miguel Ruiz
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Print Length270 pages
PublisherA Nest of Eggs llc
Publication DateDecember 14, 2014
About the Book

John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Sometime today while you're busy following your plan, something may happen that puts you in a funk or motivates you to make a change. Something that could leave you "stuck in a moment." When those moments sneak up on you, you can run to counseling, look yourself in the mirror, crawl over to your favorite self-pity corner or you can open ‘Stuck in a Moment,’ find wisdom to help you understand and, possibly, turn your mood around.

Precise in nature, ‘Stuck’ takes you straight to the heart of life's customary stumbling blocks: relationships, career, frame of mind, and your desire to have the life you dream of. To some, it's an express self-help book; to others, a travel guide for their life. Whether you're following the 12 Steps or looking for an honest, encouraging companion, you'll find 2,000 opportunities from the mouths of Aristotle to Zappa to gain new insights. ‘Stuck’ is a book of rationale and challenge that you will want to keep handy for those everyday moments (great for daily meditations!) or gift to someone who’s on their own personal journey.

About the Author

Gary Guthrie is just like most Baby Boomer guys who live down the street from you – someone who eats at Subway, has an occasional beer, drives a Honda, prefers college basketball over the pro version, gets a little misty when he thinks about the special moments he had with his dad, loves his daughter, enjoys a great kiss, can sing along to "Aqualung" and "Stand By Your Man" and, most of all, wanted a happy life.

After a long career in Broadcasting (you may have read about him in 'USA Today' where they profiled his pioneering the Classic Hits/Classic Rock radio formats or heard about his escapades with Barbra Streisand & Neil Diamond's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"), Gary met the fate of many corporate Boomer types and was "downsized" at age 45. Rather than resign himself to being part of the professional staircase, he decided that he had another whole life left in him – and if he took some time to achieve new eyes, it just might be worth the pain. It was. He now follows his creative blisses of art and music and realizes that most of the things that get him stuck for a moment are just that – momentary.

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