Graham Higson

For fans of:Dennis Wheatley, James Herbert, Jonathan Gash, Maggie Shayne

GRAHAM HIGSON has lived in Yorkshire all his life, although he would like to live in Austria, Germany or Switzerland—whichever of those places will have him. But right now he hides in an outlying Pennine village that, he says, is so high up it's the last stop but one before the sky, and shares this blustery environment with a growing collection of books, four sociable pond frogs, his understanding wife and one mean mortgage. His two grown-up children are among his best friends.

Having written professionally for over 25 years (and then some), Oak Seer (A supernatural mystery) was the first of his published novels, followed by Flither Lass.

He lists his hobbies as swimming, reading, watching lots of screen drama, helping to republish the novels of Leo Walmsley, and searching for that elusive moment of self-discovery.