Philip Miller

C.A.N Club issue #1

C.A.N Club issue #1 by Philip Miller
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Formats Available PDF 12.7MB
fiction Comic, Humor
For readers of:Haruhi Suzumiya, Ouran Highschool Host club, Clannad
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About the Book

Alex is a young girl who transfered to Norman High to get away from her bullied past, all she want's to do is blend in as a bland looking boy. But Zeke, the "Anomaly" of school has other plans.

About the Author

My name is Philip Miller and I run a new graphic novel company called Grinning Lion Studio (Originally Leviathan Studio). My goal is to create all kinds of graphic novels. I am currently working on "The C.A.N Club and Compendium. both of which will one day hopefully turn in graphic novels. I love making Graphic novels and coming up with stories. I am working with an artist named Ray who is helping me with The C.A.N Clubs cute art style!

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