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The Timetrippers

The Timetrippers by hamish robertson
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Formats Available Epub 4MB
fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Adventure and Time Travel, J K Rowling, Philip Pullman, Madeleine L'Engle
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Print Length469 pps
PublisherHamish Robertson Publications
Publication DateSeptember 15th 2015
About the Book

When Dan moves to Opportunity House in mysterious Mistlees, he finds the cellar of his new home filled with hidden secrets: a missing eccentric inventor; a rainbow coloured rug which refuses to move; dozens of fantastic models; and a table with strange inscriptions -- and that’s when the adventure starts!.

Dan makes friends with Sara, and together they start to travel through time!

The ten year olds stumble across a unique Mayan codex hiding the secrets of the ancients, but when it’s stolen, who can they trust in the village to help them?

- Mark, the rapidly growing school bully?

- Mrs Braid, the odd headmistress, who seems to have it in for Dan?

- Miss Ambrose, their cheerful teacher, who knows more than she should?

- Brad Maipeson, the nosey American from The Deli?

- Mr Dewbury, the bumbling minister?

- Or none of them!!

As Dan and Sara explore the secrets of Mistlees, they have some fantastic adventures tripping through time, discovering the truth about who murdered Julius Caesar and how Leonardo da Vinci became a genius!

With every encounter they learn lessons about life, but as their knowledge increases, so does the danger they are in – Mistlees is not the sleepy village they thought it was - will the angels they meet help them win through, or will the dreaded rebel angels suck them in?

Find out if you dare in The Timetrippers, the roller-coaster thriller, by Edinburgh author, Hamish Robertson.

Adding to the mystery, there is a secret code hidden in the book! The only clue is revealed in the future in the town of North Berwick, but once you’ve worked it out, it leads you to another hidden code, so this is a book with lots of secrets lurking within and under its words.

There are a host of anagrammatic names – the mysteriously named village of Mistlees itself; Fred Wingsole, the shifty jeweller (whose name unscrambles as “forge swindle”!); Graham Pele Esson, the pathetic school football coach (one of the two words comprising his name is “---- manager” !); and many more.

About the Author

Hamish Robertson lives in Edinburgh, and allegedly was once a child,

which may have helped him write this masterpiece of invention which children between 10 and 110 will love.

Decades ago, he wrote some poems and once or twice he wrote a play, but this is the first big book he’s written – and there’ll be another one soon so you can find out what you didn’t in this one

What else do you need to know? Well, probably nothing, but here goes anyway.

He says he plays a mean game of snooker, can pull golf clubs round a course, and used to long and triple jump for Scotland and Great Britain.

He’s got a family, which includes a beautiful wife, three sons and five grandchildren he’s pretty proud of. He’s also got a big brother who still keeps an eye out for him.

He reads a lot, still knows who Snow Patrol and Will.i.am are and cooks a pretty amazing curry when he’s asked, and even when he’s not.

Don’t ask him about wine – you’d miss the time that would be better spent reading The Timetrippers.

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